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The Offer $30 for $80 worth of wine from Wine Insiders Wine Insiders began as A Taste of California 31 years ago when I wanted an alternative to expensive, large-store wine offerings. I used my connections in the industry to gain access to both well-known and hard-to-find wines. And I assembled an expert tasting panel to make sure I sold only the best wines to my customers. Over the years, we've expanded our connections to include wineries all over the world. Our basic goal, however, always remains the same: to bring you fabulous wines you can enjoy on your own or serve with confidence. And they're all backed by our money-back guarantee. We approve only 5 out of 100 bottles we sample, ensuring you get delicious wine every time. And we ship our wines right to your door, bypassing the big wine stores and passing our discounts to you. For further shipping information and pricing please go to: